Membership Program

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Light warriors is the global membership initiative of the Ricky Martin Foundation. Our goal is to create an army of peacemakers to denounce and combat human trafficking . By joining our fight and recruiting others you will help us end modern day slavery. A light warrior is defined by honor and bravery. Their aim is to do justice and find peace for those who have been deprived from their freedom.

A Ricky Martin Foundation Membership Program

Become a Light Warrior and help us make our education programs to prevent human trafficking and child exploitation a reality. Your support will further strengthen our research about this modern scourge, and  help us build us the Tau Center for Children in Puerto Rico.
With your monthly or annual contribution ($ 5.00 - $ 50.00), you become a global member of the Ricky Martin Foundation. You will receive our social impact report, know how you can help deter and report child exploitation, as well as receive discounts on our e-shop, and participate in our raffles


Light Warriors will receive:

I. RMF Newsletter
II. 5% discount on the E-SHOP
III. Raffles Memorabilia/ Merchandise RMF
IV. You will receive an emblem of your Light Warrior Legion to post on Facebook
Join our army of peaceful warriors to end human trafficking.
Choose your Legion: